Let's put on some shades, 'couse shaders are here!

Speaker Petras Malinauskas   https://twitter.com/PetrasMal
Language LT
Stage Events
Type Workshop

Till just recently website/mobile UI was defined by markups, style sheets and obscure "game changing" (blah) tools. While they're here to stay we got a new cool thing we ought to start using: real time rendering on GPUs!

With introduction of shader support we can amp-up web/mobile UI and do highly customizable graphics!

During this workshop you will learn basics of shaders, how to implement them into your website and you will write your (probably) first shader!

Requirements for attendees

Laptop, your favorite text editor, Firefox/Microsoft Edge (not chrome/opera/etc.) and willingness to dip into some math. Photoshop, GIMP or any other similar software would be cool, but not necessary.