Your first SPA with Vue and Laravel in 15 minutes

Speaker Arnas Kazlauskas  
Language EN
Stage Events
Type Workshop

What is this workshop about?

In this workshop, we will create our first Single Page Application in just 15 minutes! That's just a bit longer than the relevance of reality show star.

And these days SPAs are hip, am I right?

They always looked exciting and complex to me.

All those confusingly similar looking terms like Vue, Vuex, Vue-router just sounded vue-much for my taste.

Laravel passport? Why? I'm from the EU, we don't need no passports.

Material design / Vuetify, what kind of material is that? Also, I need another vue-thing with that, wait what?

Presenters, transformers -- Optimus prime, is that you?

Is this workshop right for me?

I will get all the ducks in the row and clear the air for someone who already has some knowledge with Laravel and Vue but they haven't had a chance to work SPAs yet.

However, if you're completely new to the game, you can still come and enjoy :)

Are we really going to build something in 15 minutes?

Probably not but 30 minutes doesn't sound as sexy.

Who are you?

I am Arnas, a Software Engineer at Hostinger. I've found Web development as my passion when I was 12. So I love building stuff both on my work time and my free time.

I'm always trying to find the best practices and the best ways to code and I hope that this is something that would be interesting to you.

Times in IT change really fast and the trends come and go. I feel that the SPA trend is worth looking at and we could build something together! :)

See you at the camp!

Requirements for attendees
  • Bring a laptop
  • Download a Text Editor (PHPStorm / Visual Studio Code / Sublime)
  • Download Postman
  • Install Composer & Node with NPM