TICK stack up and running

Speaker Marijus Briedis  
Language LT
Stage Events
Type Workshop

TICK stack up and running


First part of the workshop

Will be dedicated to theory. We will discuss Time Series Databases, basics of the line protocol and in what cases they are used. I will present the concepts of the TICK stack and how I am using it in my daily life.

Second part of the workshop

We will install the Tick stack and Grafana on Ubuntu/Debian based machine and configure Telegraf for basic reporting. Kapacitor with Chronograf for alerting.

The estimated time for the workshop is 2 hours minimum.

Requirements for attendees

Basic knowledge of Linux is required (You have to know how to install ant configure packets). You have to have any kind of virtual environment on Your machine (VirtualBox is recommended) with Ubuntu/Debian server installed. Desire for improvement and patience.