Ice Cream Machine

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Feeling hot?

Come and get ice cream just made by a machine made from scrap lying around (food safe?)

It was made out of unfinished air conditioner and some scrap that was found in the workshop. There are four compressors inside that are filled with freon. They used to live in water-ice making machines. But we managed to slaughter them and save compressors from useless existence. Cool-ends of compressors are put into the reservoir that is filled with antifreeze. When compressors are working, antifreeze in reservoir is cooled down to sub-zero temperatures.

The pot for ice cream is made out of copper. It was part of a laboratory heater before, but was also saved from meaningless existence. This pot was placed into another stainless steel pot, walls between them were sealed and connected with hoses with our antifreeze reservoir. A few pumps were installed that help to circulate antifreeze between reservoir and our ice cream pot.

Origins of the motor that was used for the mixer are unknown. It was randomly found in the workshop and used for this life-saving purpose. Stirrer was welded out of aluminum profiles and simple plastic razers were attached to stirrer in order to scrape frozen ice cream from the walls of the pot.